15 Dec 2022
Successful Waste2Func project meeting

Huge thanks to ecover + method | Europe for hosting the first day of the Waste2Func Project Meeting. We were definitely hosted at the right venue for lively discussions and a most interesting site visit. Thank you for taking such good care of all our project partners.

On the second day of the Waste2Func project meeting we were hosted by Group Op de Beeck. It was a real eye opener for everyone to see how much organic waste is being collected and this underlined once again the relevance of the Waste2Func project. We also visited the amazing Demo site of TripleW at the Group Op de Beeck site, one of the new valorisation routes of this organic waste towards lactic acid.

In the project, we also offer the second valorisation route to biosurfactants by AmphiStar currently still at the demo site of Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant.
With all these amazing project partners and the lively discussions during the meetings, Waste2Func definitely opens opportunities for an integrated biorefinery in the future.