24 May 2024
Waste2Func video release: The technology is ready, are we?

Ghent, 24 May 2024.

Today the Waste2Func project releases an original out-of-the-box video. The consortium has heard and seen that it is often difficult for the broader public to understand the importance of bioeconomy for the future. With this video it wants to strengthen the bioeconomy narrative in general while explaining the project: converting food waste into molecules to make cleaning agents, personal care products or packaging and this at industrial scale!
Watch and witness: also our children believe in a bright new future where bioeconomy plays an important role.
The video is available in English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Italian.
All versions can be found on the
YouTube Channel of Waste2Func coordinator Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant.

Click here to read the full Press Release in ENGLISH

You can preview the ENGLISH version of the video on top of this page, to find versions in Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Italian, scroll down or check out the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant YouTube Channel

ENGLISH version, NO Subtitles
ENGLISH version, ENGLISH Subtitles
ENGLISH version, DUTCH Subtitles
DUTCH version (dubbed), NO Subtitles
DUTCH version (dubbed), DUTCH Subtitles
FRENCH version (dubbed), NO Subtitles
FRENCH version (dubbed), FRENCH Subtitles
GERMAN version (dubbed), NO Subtitles
GERMAN version (dubbed), GERMAN Subtitles
SPANISH version (dubbed), NO Subtitles
SPANISH version (dubbed), SPANISH Subtitles
ITALIAN version (dubbed), NO Subtitles
ITALIAN version (dubbed), ITALIAN Subtitles